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The jaw dropping new record (LP & CD) of legendary Polish guitarist Jacek Korohoda and Australian blues-rock singer Billy Neal.

Released in July 2016 the album 'Keep a light on', a child of creative cooperation between Billy Neal (Australian rock singer and sax player, composer) and Jacek Korohoda (Polish jazz guitarist and composer). Produced as a vinyl, CD and digital download, includes 10 new compositions taking us into the world of the sound of the 60's and 70's, but addressed to today's listeners. The album was recorded in Krakow, mixed in Krakow and Perth Australia, manufactured in England and produced by the Australian recording company Ozzy Records. Interests and musical landscapes, painted by both musicians in their up to date productions and played at concerts, met at one point. Full of energy, the charismatic voice of Billy co-plays and engages in a dialogue with the riffs and melodic style of Jacek's solos.

As Robert Ratajczak has written on 'full of co-compositions of both artists album, brings a combination of rock hits, strongly linking to the blues. Great amounts of energy, impressive guitar parts and full of interesting ideas and arrangement from the 70's and 80's, it will satisfy anyone who enjoys traditional rock'.

'Gentleman', an energetic song opening the album is about love, in chorus alluding to Joe Cocker, with whom Billy is often compared due to his voice character. Next, through blues 'Fool Out Of Me', happy 'Still Running', full of atmosphere 'Shadow' and rock, energetic 'Don't Lie To Me', the listener is drawn into a world of music, loved by both musicians, where one can hear echo's of The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Joe Cocker and Prince. On the second page of the vinyl (song 6. on the CD) we meet the title, psychedelic 'Keep a Light On', blues 'Blue For You', commercial, dedicated to Billy's wife, 'Sto lat Ewa', and moving 'Nadal kocham Cie'. For goodbye we receive a monumental 'Man to Woman'. A goodbye that is also an invitation to listen to the whole addictive record.

Billy Neal - Has performed and sang from the time he was 5 years old. His singing teacher commented 'after many years I never heard a voice like his, then and now'. After enrollment with the Royal English Opera at the age of 8, he spent his childhood performing in GB. For one year he performed in the Midsummer night dream in Opera in Covent Garden in London, singing lead characters, and he performed in a movie with Sophia Loren and Richard Burton. In many years of concerts among his achievements are concerts for Robert Plant from Led Zeppelin, Lady Di and Princess Anne. In Poland he worked with the late Jarek Smietana and a host of Polish Stars.
Chosen discography:
‘I Love The Blues’ 2011, ‘Live At Impart’ 2012, ‘I Belive’ 2013

Jacek Korohoda – Guitarist and composer, who has in his achievements over 20 recorded records and cooperation work with Marek Grechuta, Jarek Smietana, Wlodzimierz Korcz, Beata Robotycka, Agnieszka Chrzanowska and Prowozorka Jazz Band group. He leads his own projects.
Chosen discography:
‘If it Happens’ 2007, ‘Window to The Backyard’ 2010, ‘To Hear The Music’ – Prowizorka JB 2012.